Toddler meals

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
I'm a loser and love seeing what other moms feed their kids. I get in a slump every once in a while and don't know WHAT to feed my kids .. Like really ..lunchtime is the worst! So here are just random meals and honestly my 16 month old is going through the picky stage so it's a complete guess if he will eat what I fix but everything I am showing he either ate or tried (and then puts the rest in a cup hole on his high hair or throws on the floor!)

 French toast that I make ahead and freeze, fruit and sausage.
 PB toast and orange slices. What I do when I am lazy. (I usually do another fruit if I don't feel like even cutting up an orange! --yup, lazy but just being honest!)
 Bean & cheese burrito, carrots, and grapes. Sawyer wont really eat veggies so a pouch it is.

Turkey sausage pasta, corn, and blueberries. Easton's favorite pasta. It looks weird but its good!

Mac n Cheese, broccoli, and strawberries. Sawyer wont eat mac n cheese ( I know) so I make him quesadillas).

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