Two Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed {3rd & 1st birthday party}

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Since Sawyer & Easton's birthdays are so close we did them together. Easton has been obsessed with "10 little monkey's jumping on the bed" for about a year and a half so I thought it would be cute to have a monkey theme & their party was at a trampoline park. The boys had a BLAST. Sawyer had just as much fun (if not more) as Easton. We had subs from Walmart ($30 that feeds 30+ people!!), chips, cookies that Jonathans grandma made, bananas, and cupcakes and cake, of course!

We had so much fun and the boys loved all their gifts from friends & family!! xoxo
 To my sweet Easton Tucker, I CAN'T believe you are already 3! You have taught Daddy and I SO much! You made us parents and watched us struggle to figure out how to parent. We are so in love with your sweet, caring, thoughtful, silly self. Every day you surprise me with your sweet nature. You love playing with your animals, playing anything outside, listening & dancing to music, eating, and cuddling up with mommy & daddy. Your favorite foods are potato soup, chili, strawberries & blueberries, grilled cheese, and yogurt (but you could really eat anything!) Happy 3rd birthday and we love you so much!
Happy 1st Birthday Sawyer Lane! (14 months now)  You are definitely our head strong little boy and also the cuddliest little thing! You have showed me how much MORE I can love! This year really has flown by and you are such a sweet little addition to our family! You LOVE your blankie and mama. You currently wont let anyone else grab you if you are in mamas arms ;) You love your brother, baths, playing outside, dancing, and just being rough and rowdy. You are on a vegetable strike at the moment but the foods you do eat, you eat a lot of! You starting sleeping through the night a couple months ago but you still are an early riser. Your favorite foods are blueberries, any and all bread, meat (spaghetti meat, taco meat, just love it all!) We Love you so much my little mama's boy!
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