Our South Carolina trip

Friday, April 22, 2016
Last week the boys and I headed to South Carolina to visit my family & for my aunts wedding. We left Wednesday at lunch time and the boys did great on the drive down!

 When we got to South Carolina, my dad babysat the boys and I went to dinner with some of the girls in the family.
Thursday we played outside all day at Mawmaw & pawpaws. My nephew Kylyn was there and the boys played so well together.
Thursday night Easton & I watched a movie and ate popcorn. He LOVED IT.
Friday, the boys and I went to Ashley's house to play with our cousins and friends! They all had so much fun and Easton & Gabe played like they have been friends forever! haha :)
They didn't stop playing the whole time! :)
Saturday was my aunts wedding and after that, the boys napped then played with their cousins some more. Then my aunt Donna & I went to Ikea! eeek
Sunday we went to church, out to eat afterwards and back home for naps. Sunday night my parents cooked out for my birthday and then we went to get Snow Cones with my Grandma!
Sawyer's First time Eating at Captain Steve's :)
We had so much fun visiting and I'm glad I got to spend time with some family but we were ALL so ready to get back to daddy :)
Passed out on the way home!

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