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Monday, May 9, 2016
Lately I feel like we have just been going non stop between house projects, church, family stuff and friends but I love this time of the year and its been so good to be busy!
This past Wednesday we had a mommy playdate at the park and then came home ate lunch and Sawyer started running a fever and was acting so pitiful so after naps we went to the doctor and I for sure thought it was either the flu or ear infection but thankfully it was neither..just something viral!
Poor baby wasn't feeling good.
Thursday night I took Easton on a little date to the mall and he absolutely loved it! The whole time he kept saying "Watch this mommy!" and would do a little jump or a kick. haha! I love spending one on one time with them and actually getting to take in all of them!
We got some cookies and he got to do his favorite thing-- ride the "escabator" hah love his heart.
Friday I went to the movies with some friends and then Saturday we had a Mother's Day dinner at Jonathan's uncles and had so much fun! My husband planned a game show type game for his mom and her siblings and the kids ate 355 cookies and we all just had so much fun! The only picture I got of the whole night...

haha. at least I got one!
For Mother's day we went to church, ate lunch at home and then after naps my 3 boys literally came to the door and picked me up for a date! We went to a restaurant I had been wanting to try called Babalu's in downton Knoxville. It was good ...but the table side guacamole was amazing. Jonathan and I said we would go back JUST to get the guacamole and eat it as a meal! hah!
After dinner we went to our Cousins new house (eeeeek so happy) and let the kids play while we visited! Seriously so happy to have some of my family here in TN too! Cousins squared for life! ;)
 Then today, Jonathan's grandma came over and we planted tomatoes, cucumbers and ocra! We were exhausted but so happy she came to help!
Well that's life im going to shower, get 3435 cookies and watch trash tv with my husband :)

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